Audit & Payment

Feight Payment Inc. provides its clients with full exception resolution in addition to other valuable services intended to transcend the service provided by other typical audit and payment companies. Read More


With a thorough understanding of the importance of ensuring that the client records transportation expenses accurately within its general ledger, Freight Payment Inc. can provide the client with accurate general ledger coding of all shipping costs per the client specifications.
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Data Capture & Management

As a result of the audit process, Freight Payment Inc. is able to capture in excess of 120 standard data elements related to each processed shipment. Read More

Metrics, Measurement & Analytics

As mentioned on the home page, an effective audit represents only the beginning. The old adages "Knowledge is Power" and "What can't be measured, can't be fixed" are more relevant today than ever. Read More

Since 1993, Freight Payment Inc. has continually expanded its offerings and technologies, and today, provides its clients with fully integrated, global support that far exceeds the value provided by most typical audit and payment firms.