Metrics, Measurement, and Analytics

As mentioned on the home page, an effective audit represents only the beginning. The old adages "Knowledge is Power" and "What can't be measured, can't be fixed" are more relevant today than ever. If your organization is not leveraging the power of its current audit database, then extremely valuable benefits are being left behind. If your competition is then you're at a distinct disadvantage within the marketplace. After all Wal-Mart's key to success is the power of its supply-chain.

Freight Payment Inc. provides its clients with client specific metrics and reporting intended to support the making of sound business decisions. In addition, dashboard technology, compliance measurement, and industry leading supply chain analysis is also available. Freight Payment Inc. not only provides clients with powerful metrics and measurements, but also analyzes the results in order to present its clients with suggestions and recommendations for change and alternative logistic methodologies needed to drive cost optimization and enhanced customer service levels.


  • Gain increased knowledge of your supply-chain
  • Obtain the means to support sound business decisions
  • Receive ongoing analytics and recommendations for remedial action