About Us

In 1993, Freight Payment Inc. was founded upon a basic set of principles.

  • Protect its clients from overpaying freight charges to carriers.
  • Ensure that carrier charges are processed in a timely manner.
  • Provide clients with cost efficiency related to the audit and payment processes.
  • Provide clients with a process that is stable, consistent, standardized, and most of all effective.
  • Maintain the highest level of integrity, accuracy, and customer service.

Since then, Freight Payment Inc. has continually expanded its service offering to include many additional services intended to bring additional value to its clients. Through the utilization of Best In Class technologies and processes along with the support of a well-experienced staff, today, Freight Payment Inc. is capable of providing companies with a fully integrated process that transcends the typical freight audit service offered by many of its competitors. As a result, clients are able to achieve competitive advantage within their market places and industries.


  • Leverage our knowledge and experience gained since 1993
  • Gain the benefits of Best-in-Class Technologies
  • Transcend the typical audit and payment process and create value
  • Consistency, Standardization, Integrity, and Highest service level
  • Attain Competitive Advantage within your industry